Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Perfect Birthday Trifecta

So there is in Gilbert, AZ what is known as the "birthday trifecta" {thanks Susan!}. 3 amazing restaurants that give you a free meal on your birthday. I did not make it to all 3, but invented my own, perfect trifecta:

Free drink of choice from Starbucks, thanks to my new Iphone ap.

 Free lunch at Liberty Market
 My yummy, free caprese salad

and free dinner at Joe's BBQ

In between, my hubby spent the day with me. We went to some antique stores where we picked up a few items and went to the secret sale at Domestic Bliss and Found. Pure amazingness!

At lunch, Tony took this picture of me. So here I am on my 39th birthday:

 It's not fabulous, but it's me. That sure is what I look like on any given day so...anyway. I was looking at the pictures on the camera after he took a few, and stated they were pretty good. He said "it was easy, look at the pretty material I had to work with". And before you go "Awwww" this was followed by the eyebrow raise and a smirk as if to say "I got this husband thing down, don't I". Goofball!


H said...

I love trifetas! Sounds like a great time and lots of good eats. As for Tony's comment... you have to admit that is nice when they finally get that husband thing down, even when they know they do :)

Julie said...

Love the photo of you!! Glad you enjoyed yourself. Free food and coffee - yum!!