Friday, April 20, 2012

Home Run

I know it has been all about Alexa lately, but I just had to share this. Alexa hit a home run, over the fence! They ended up winning this game 7 to 6, to the team ranked #3 in our division. You can't see the ball at all, but you can see Alexa raising her arms, fist pump style, as she rounds second and realizes it's over the fence and a cute little boy in white baseball pants run down the hill to get her ball.

PS, watch it with your volume down, someone was screaming like a crazy person...

Friday, April 13, 2012

Senior Photo Shoot

I've been spending my day off editing Alexa's senior photos. She was resistant to having a professional do them, so she and I trekked out to a park in Glendale (thanks Lindsey!) and took some shots. I am really pleased with them. A line from a country song keeps running through my mind as I look through these "she don't know she's beautiful". I wish she did 'cuz, man that hair, that skin, those eyes, stunning. And that booty, damn (hehe)! 

Here are a few of my favorites:

 Yes, she is intentionally out of focus!


 And a little fun with Photoshop and a fake sun flare...why not?

I still can't believe she will be a high school grad in just over a month!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Proudest Mama

Wow, it has been a while since I have posted! I was sick for about 2 weeks, and on top of that, very busy with the kids, as all 3 girls are playing softball. Here is just a sample, last week:

-Monday, Alexa's game {big win for them and Alexa hit a home-run, woohoo!}
-Tuesday, Alexa practice, Celeste practice
-Wednesday, Alexa Practice, Sophie practice
-Thursday, Alexa game {big win against a really good team whom they have never beat} and Celeste's first games, a double header, double wins {go Hornets!}
-Friday, Alexa game {another win} and Celeste school concert
-Saturday, Sophie practice
-Sunday, Celeste practice.

Add on top of that my two jobs. Whew, exhausting at times, but really fun, too!

But that is not what I really want to post about. We have big news! Really, REALLY big news! News that came in a really big envelope:

 I could not believe it when I saw it! And I had the hardest time not ripping it open before Alexa got home! It was the nicest news ever, and worth the wait. Alexa has been accepted to Scripps. Amazing!

 My favorite part, the handwritten note that says "I really enjoyed reading your essays, Alexa!". That must have been what did it. 

A year ago we all fell in love with Scripps when we went for a visit. It was a long shot. It was her dream school. It was a far off goal to reach.

She worked hard. She took SAT prep courses and raised her score by 250 points. She put a lot of time {I mean a TON of time} into her entrance essays. And it paid off. We go out in 2 weeks for admitted students day with info seminars, tours, and meetings with the financial aid department. And, I hate to see all her hard work possibly go to waste, but that meeting will be the determining factor. So, let's hope they offer her a hefty financial aid package. Fingers {and toes} crossed!