Monday, October 18, 2010

Happy 8 Years, Sophie!

So, my {baby} Sophie turned 8 on Saturday!  It is hard for me to believe, time moved so slow when I was home with little ones, and now the years are flying by. We went to Legends of the Guardians at the IMAX, then dinner at Claim Jumper with all 6 of us.

Sunday we went for Mojo fro-yo, and a little b-day photo shoot.

I stopped buying school pictures a few years ago {because, Hello?!? they ALWAYS suck!}.  So we take our own once a year.  I think one of these will do nicely!

And now 8 thing I love about my 8 year old:

1. She is so smart, and loves to read and write stories.
2. She is creative, always doing some sort of craft, and using all my good scrapbooking stuff....
3. She is hilarious, always saying or doing something to make us laugh.
4. She is caring, she really cares about people and animals.
5.She is sassy, which we all hope turns into a strong, independent adult.
6. She is artistic and loves to draw and paint.
7. She is energetic and loves to be busy.
8. She is loving, always giving hugs and wanting to cuddle.

So happy birthday to you, Sophie-lou!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Subzero Ice Cream Shop

The girls and I had a fun night out thanks to This Cute Girl and her post about Subzero ice cream shop.  It is a really cool concept, you choose your ice cream base (liquid), flavors and mix ins, then they use liquid nitrogen to flash freeze your concoction into ice cream!

Mixin' it up

Flash Freeze

A final mix

Still smoking a little...

This place really appealed to my inner nerd!