Monday, February 11, 2013

Sophie's "School" Photos

I can't believe it took me so long to get some 4th grade photos of Sophie-loo! I meant to do them on/around her birthday. That never happened, then she was on crutches, then came the holidays, but finally we got them done!

Per usual, we headed to downtown Tempe for our mini-shoot. We love the train tracks:

 And under the tracks:
 And got permission to enter someone's yard/junkyard for some cool shots:

My favorite shot of my favorite 4th grader!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Busy Day-A birthday and a dance

Yesterday was a busy day! If you didn't already know, Sophie is in love with horses. She wanted a horse back riding party for her birthday last October but Arizona horses spend their summers in Wyoming, who knew? So nearly 4 months late she had her wish come true:
 We made simple goodies with candy, a pencil with cowboy boot topper and a bandanna.
 We had snacks, cake, and opened presents by Tempe Town Lake.

 Sophie helped design and decorate her cake with the horseback riding theme (she was in charge of the chocolate "dirt" frosting and the grass).

 All the girlies
 Sophie and her horse for the day, Pretty Boy, who she re-named Pony Boy (from Outsiders!), Abby with Wyatt, and Hailey with Vegas.
 Sophie and Pretty/Pony Boy
 Trail ride

I think it is a day she will remember! Happy (belated) birthday to my favorite 10 year old!

Then it was busy day, part two, Celeste's second high school dance, Winter Formal:
 Corsage and
 Celeste and her date, Niku
 Gorgeous kiddos: Connor, Kira, Nick, Angela, PJ, Taylor, Erik, Katherine, Emily, Niku and Celeste
 Besties Kira and Celeste with Connor and Niku

 Beautiful Celeste