Sunday, January 15, 2012

One Little Word

For years I have been interested in One Little Word {olw} but have yet to participate. Well this is my year. I had pretty much decided to do it this year, but reading posts by two of my acquaintances sealed the deal.

So, unbeknownst to them, my inspirations to participate in olw this year were Jenny and Angie {you can click on their names to read about their word choices}. I love reading their blogs, and they inspire me for different reasons. 

Jenny is truly amazing. She has such a great story, and her enthusiasm for life is inspiring. Her word suits her so well, "intentional". My take on this is- to really live life, not just go through the motions of daily routine. To be proactive, and not let life simply happen. What a great word!

And then there is Angie. She is so humble and introspective. She talks candidly about her struggles to stay true to herself and her beliefs. She chose "focus"as her 2012 word. My take on this is- to focus on what is important, prioritize and cut out all other distractions. Focus on what is important and let that guide you in the choices you make.

I love both their words. I love that they can apply them to many aspects of their lives. My word needed to do that for me too. So without further ado my OLW for 2012 is.....

To me this means for me to be mindful of what I say and do. Mindful of how I treat others. Mindful of what I eat. Mindful of what and who are really important to me. Mindful of choices I make in all aspects of my life. So this year I intend to be Mindful. Wish me luck!


angieinpink said...

LOVE mindful. such an awesome word....

thanks for the kind words, lisa. made my day; love ya girl. ♥

Antonia Krajicek {Green Horned Unicorn} said...

I really like the word mindful because it can pertain to pretty much everything you do. Great choice :)