Saturday, March 28, 2009

Sadie {AKA Poofus}

Hi, I'm Sadie.

I wanted to tell you all a little bit about myself.
I am the cutest puppy evah (I know this because everyone always tells me so!)
I love to cuddle and be carried around like a baby.
I am quiet, and hardly ever make a sound.
My cubby is one of my favorite places, and I go there to rest and I even stay in there all night without crying.
I have gotten so big {if you call 5 pounds big!}
I love all people, even strangers.
When I am happy I wag my tail. When I am really happy, I spin it around in a circle!
When I run I look like a bunny because I hop with my feet together.
I love my new family and they love me!

Now meet my alter-ego, Poofus:

Hi, I'm Poofus.
I was named Poofus due to my poofy fur and my doofus-y personality.
I love to chew on everything. I find amazing stuff in the garbage and think humans throw the best stuff away!
When I find something I want to chew on, I pick it up and run to the hallway (where it is carpeted) to commence the chewing and sliming of said object:

I really love feet. When my family is walking by, I grab on and chew! I will even hold on while they walk and drag me across the floor.
I once found a treasure in the box the cats play in. However, that caused the littlest girl to post this sign:

And if you don't read Kindergarten writing it says "no poop eaters". Discrimination, I say!
In spite of all this, my family loves me, too!

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