Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Beginings of a Home Based Business

As many of you already know, Tony left his job at KSM about a month ago. It was a big decision, but he has wanted to start his own business for along time. The timing was right for him to make the move! I always said I would support that when all our kids were in school and I was able to help, and that time is now.

With a little rearranging we were able to set up a pretty workable home office. We inherited my office desk after our split with KSM, and set it up in my craft room:

We then took the table from there, and put it in our dining area for the laptops. This is so helpful because it gets the laptops off of our dining table. We got a wireless router for internet on the laptops. I love having internet out here, so I do not have to be shut out in the craft room:

We have been busy writing our safety training plan, injury and illness prevention plan, and getting copies of all the forms necessary to work in his industry. And the last big step is, TONY HAS TO TAKE A CLASS!!! I think it is funny, because he dropped out of school so young and got his GED. School was never his thing, but he is enrolled in classes to get his contractors licence. Go Tony!

He will have to pass a business test as well as a trade test for welding, then he can apply for the licence. It is all overwhelming to think about, but exciting and fun at the same time. It is such a great feeling that all the hard work he does will now benefit US! He has never been the type to go to work just for a paycheck, he has always put his heart and soul into his work. Now that will be going towards building a business he can be proud of, providing good jobs for his employees, AND supporting his family. What could be better than that?


Antonia said...

How exciting for your family!! I wish the best for you :)

H said...

That's great Muniz family! Best of luck for all of you. Yipee for school!!! :)

angieinpink said...

wow, you go girl {and boy!}....THAT IS AWESOME. i'm sending good & happy vibes your way! (:

nina said...

That's so awesome!! Tony is so ready for this... Good luck and Love you all.