Sunday, June 23, 2013

East Coast Anniversary Trip, post 1

Boy it's been a long time since I've blogged! I had so much to share with our busiest Softball season ever (Celeste pitched in the state tourney and got the "rookie of the year award" for her first season on Varsity. Sophie is following in sissy's footsteps and pitched a game as well). With 100s of pictures to go through, that post never happened...

And as many of you know, Tony's work has kept him out of town more this year than he has been home! It's been hard at times, but we are thankful for the work.

And thankful to take advantage of the travel opportunities when we can! Tony had been in Erie, PA for over a month when I flew out to take a whirl wind East Coast tour with him.

After cruising around the great lake, Lake Erie, we started out heading to Niagara Falls in NY.
(Photos from my phone, where was my camera?)

 It was fun, and I'm glad we did it, but I guess our expectations were high and we were sort of underwhelmed.

   (road trip selfie, aren't we cute?)

Then it was on to Rochester, NY to see my old Nebraska friend, Liz. Did we get any photos? No we did not...loosers.

Our next destination was Boston, which we reached the next afternoon.

 It was over cast, rainy-ish and gloomy, and we really did not know what to do there. We drove around and enjoyed how beautiful the city was. We did drive by Harvard and the "Cheers" bar, and also where the marathon and bombing were. 

We figured when in Boston, seafood was in order and went to the oldest, single family owned seafood restaurant, called "No Name". Tony enjoyed his seafood platter of lobster tail, scallops, and shrimp and I had broiled scrod (which sounds gross but was sooo good!).

The following morning we headed out toward New York, with no clear path in mind. Michael collects shot glasses from places, and we wanted to get as many states as possible, so our route took us through Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Delaware.
 Any one remember "Mystic Pizza" with Julia Roberts? We drove through the cute town that was originally a whale boat manufactoring town.

 And Rhode Island where we saw the capitol, did a little shopping, and found out the do not have sales tax, score!

Next up was New York City, but that needs a post of it's own. Stay tuned....

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Antonia Krajicek {Green Horned Unicorn} said...

I know I said it before, but I'm so envious of your trip! You hit up a lot of places I've wanted to see. Looking forward to the rest of the photos!

Congrats to Celeste for her Rookie of the Year award!