Thursday, June 27, 2013

East Coast Anniversary Trip, New York City (post 2)

New York City in one word, AMAZING!

Everything about this stop was just that. Our room in Brooklyn had an amazing view of Manhattan, the bus tour was amazing, the weather was amazing. The food? You guessed it, AMAZING!

We arrived in Brooklyn late afternoon, checked into our hotel, and walked around Brooklyn. We ate dinner at a little hole in the wall place, retired to our room early to enjoy the view and rest up for our big day.
{the views from our 9th floor room. This was the nicest Best Western we've been in, and thanks to Tony's reward points, cost us less than $100/day, parking included!)

 Day two was jammed packed with a ferry tour and 3 bus tours. {Thanks to my friend, Debbie, for the suggestion} We got a screaming deal at less than $60 each. This included the ferry tour, 5 bus tours, and museum passes. We did not have time to do all that, but sure got our moneys worth anyway. 
After taking the subway {which was directly in front of our hotel!} in to Times Square, 
we picked up our passes and headed off for our ferry tour.

What a beautiful day already!

After the ferry, we took our first bus tour, the down town route. This took us passed many land marks {Empire State Building, Chrysler Building, Times Square, So-Ho, Macy's, new World trade Center Building, 9/11 memorial, Wall Street, Little Italy, Chinatown, and more that I am sure I am forgetting!}
bus tour selfie!
Iconic NYC yellow cabs, everywhere!

We hopped of our tour to eat at a traditional Jewish Deli, Katz {thanks again, Debbie!}
The best hot pastrami I have ever had!

Back in Times Square we switched to our Uptown tour {including Central Park, Museums, Churches, Harlem, Grant's tomb, and more}

Tony and I were constantly amazed by the architecture!
Where John Lennon was shot, so sad!
The Apollo in Harlem.

It was back to Times Square to pick up our night tour. This took us passed many of the same landmarks, then over the bridge into Brooklyn to see the Manhattan skyline at night.
 Empire State Building lit up for Memorial Day.

It was such a jammed packed day! The bus tour guides were so good, funny, informative, etc. There was not one thing I did not love about our day.

The next day we took the subway back in to walk around Little Italy, Chinatown, and So-Ho. We braved the city on our own, found fabulous traditional NY style pizza for lunch, and got our kiddos some swag in Chinatown.

 Gorgeous Little Italy
 Souvenir shopping in Chinatown

Window shopping in So-ho. Semi-disappointing as it was less artsy and more strip mall-y than I hoped.

And that's how to do NYC in a day and a half. This just makes me want to go back for at least a week {girl's trip anyone?}. Next time I want to walk through central park, visit museums, and catch a show. Who's down?

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