Friday, March 15, 2013

Sadie's Dance

Last Saturday was Celeste's first high school Sadie's dance.
{not a dance with our pup Sadie, but a girl-asks-boy Sadie Hawkins dance}

Sometime between when I was in high school, and my children being in high school, asking someone to a dance has changed! We just got "wanna go to prom?" and replied "ok". Now the asking is an event unto itself! Celeste has been asked both time (homecoming, winter formal) with flower bouquets. Some people get super creative with posters, serenades, treasure hunts, etc. We figured her guy would not want flowers, so we went with food:

 She pre-decorated a box, and I went to Oregano's to grab the pizza and delivered it to her at school. I was not permitted to stay and take pictures of her asking, of course. I feel lucky she posed for this one!
{And he said yes, Duh!} 

I am kicking myself for not getting any pictures of Celeste with her date when I dropped them off. I did get these few of Celeste before we left home. I would have liked more, but it was raining!

 Boy did she look cute for this western themed dance!


robin said...

So Beautiful!!!

Julie said...

Your girls are so grown up! Love the photo shoots of Celeste and Sophie.