Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Sunday

This year I was not really ready for Easter. I got some little items the day before and the girls died eggs while I was at work Saturday night. The older the kids get, the less exciting it is for me to go all out for holidays. I feel bad for the little girls sometimes, but what can I say? I think my lack of motivation may have had something to do with the fact that I was getting sick. I mean REALLY SICK. I woke up Easter morning feeling horrible. Well, Alexa to the rescue. She hid our few items in the front yard, and I was able to remain vertical long enough to take a few pictures:

Celeste finding an egg.

Sophie searching and

Finding an egg

And then this happened:

What's This?

Could it be?


The girls really love Webkins, and they each got one. All in all it turned out pretty well:

I had lofty ambitions to make flower hair clips for my girls and the Hatch girls (our neighbors) for Easter. We did not get to it that day, but made them later. They turned out pretty darn cute:

I hope everyone had a FABULOUS Easter!


Antonia said...

OMG...I love the shot of Sophie with her jaw dropped open in surprise. That's just way too cute! Sorry you were sick for the holiday. Hope your feeling better now :)

H said...

The girls ar gorgeous.
The hair bows are gorgeous.
My kids love Webkins too, craziness I tell you, absolute craziness!
Oh, and I think Tony has a twin or a little brother or something that goes to our ward at church. I swear it's him every time I see him.