Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Impromptu Photo Shoot

Toward the end of Christmas break, the girls and I rode the Orbit (free, eco-friendly local shuttle in Tempe) downtown to ride the brand new light rail! It was free until the end of the year, so we thought, why not? We got on one stop and off the next, just to say we did it. It was totally packed, standing room only. We got a quick lunch, then walked around the lake to take some pictures with my new camera I got for Christmas. I never order school pictures anymore, so I like to take my own each year. Here are a few of my favorites:



So much better than school pictures, don't you think?
Now my only problem is how to get Michael to come with me for a photo shoot of his own. It won't be easy, believe me!


Crystal said...

Wow, Lisa your girls are so beautiful. I can't believe Sophie is 6 already! Where does the time go??? Great pics!

mamamuniz said...

Thanks! I have a new camera now. I would love to take some pictures of your kids, we don't HAVE to wait untill you have a new baby, you know!

H said...

When did our girls grow up?! Kyra and Celeste were preschoolers the last time they were together. YIKES!