Thursday, February 10, 2011

Snowed In

On our way home from Missouri we were hearing reports of a winter storm coming through. Travel was restricted from Albuquerque, through Amarillo, and to Oklahoma City and beyond. We made  it into OK city on Tuesday, just before the storm, and were able to be "snowed in" with Tony's sister, Nanci:
Tony had not seen her in 8 years! Don't they look alike?
She lives in OK with her kiddos:


and Adrian.

Wednesday was really cold and snowy, with wind chills of -15 degrees. The freeway looked like this:
Thank goodness we were not traveling that day! Instead we were fed homemade enchiladas for lunch, homemade gorditas for dinner (believe me these are nothing like taco bell!), and entertained by Nanci's grandkids Alejandra:
And Audrina:

They instantly took to me, Tony, not so much! 
and here is just a fun picture of me by a huge pile of snow, brrr!

By Thursday there were still warning of dangerously cold temperatures with the windchill, but the roads were clear so off we are on our way home again.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Red Velvet Art

Tony has been gone since Jan 1st working in Missouri. I decided to fly to St. Louise to meet with the customer and drive home with Tony. One bonus, I could go to Red Velvet, located on Commercial street in an old part of Springfield, MO. It is owned by Elsie who's blog I have been reading for years. Her store is full  of vintage dresses, art, handmade items, and a cupcake bakery. Well, we made it there:

Here I am just outside, but...

As you can see the open sign is not lit up and the hours say they are open Tuesday-Saturday...It was Monday...oh no!

I was so bummed! No trying on vintage dresses, none of Emma's (Elsie's sister) cupcakes or bubble tea, no fun shopping, and no Elsie! Such a bummer! But, just inside was Elsie working on a new display for the next day, and what does my {usually very shy} husband do? He waves her over and she opens for us! What a sweetheart. She chatted with us for a minute, and was so kind to pose for a picture. I got to take a quick peek into her store and it is ADORABLE! It was not quite the experience I was expecting, but how sweet of Tony to get me that opportunity to meet her:

If I am ever in MO again I will be sure to stop in during business hours, but I will never forget this experience.