Thursday, February 10, 2011

Snowed In

On our way home from Missouri we were hearing reports of a winter storm coming through. Travel was restricted from Albuquerque, through Amarillo, and to Oklahoma City and beyond. We made  it into OK city on Tuesday, just before the storm, and were able to be "snowed in" with Tony's sister, Nanci:
Tony had not seen her in 8 years! Don't they look alike?
She lives in OK with her kiddos:


and Adrian.

Wednesday was really cold and snowy, with wind chills of -15 degrees. The freeway looked like this:
Thank goodness we were not traveling that day! Instead we were fed homemade enchiladas for lunch, homemade gorditas for dinner (believe me these are nothing like taco bell!), and entertained by Nanci's grandkids Alejandra:
And Audrina:

They instantly took to me, Tony, not so much! 
and here is just a fun picture of me by a huge pile of snow, brrr!

By Thursday there were still warning of dangerously cold temperatures with the windchill, but the roads were clear so off we are on our way home again.


capri_6907 said...

Miss you guys already ~ loved seeing my baby brother again.. I'm so glad you guys had fun with my grand kids - lol at Tony's constant request "Go get the kids" Drina just loved you Lisa, instant attachment.. Alejandra took to Tony much better.. Pictures turned out great.. Praying you all will be able to make it back down in Oct. (fingers crossed)- take care, love you guys...

Antonia Krajicek said...

The snow looks COLD! I'm glad that you made it home safely. How nice that you were able to spend time with Tony's family. those little kiddos are adorable :)

Amber said...

Brrrrrr! I'm cold just looking at the pictures! Adorable family photos! The little ones are too cute! Glad you made it back safe!