Monday, September 12, 2011

Pinterest Sundays

My girls and I have had such a great time finding fun things to do on Pinterest, I have decided to make it a {semi}regular blog feature, Pinterest Sundays.

Without further ado, this week's Pinterest Sunday theme is......drum roll..........more cupcakes.
But not just any cupcakes, we went with a theme, COCKTAIL CUPCAKES! I can't take credit for this idea, I was inspired by my friend Toni and her post about Guinness Cupcakes she had in DC and then later made herself. We kicked it up a notch and made Guinness cupcakes with Bailey's Irish Cream ganache filling and Bailey's butter cream frosting. When I told our house-guest about them he said "car bomb cupcakes? Sounds awesome". OK, so I didn't know about the drink known as a car bomb- 

"Pour half a pint of chilled Guinness into a beer mug and let it settle. Take a shot glass filled with 1/2 oz. of Irish whiskey on the bottom and 1/2 oz. of Irish cream on top. Drop the shot glass into the Guinness and chug."

The ganache was supposed to contain the whiskey, but we used more Bailey's instead:

 Guinness car bomb cupcakes

I know what you are thinking, "you let your girls make/eat those?" 
No way! We had a non alcoholic version for them, Shirley Temple cupcakes! These beauties are made with 7-up, grenadine, and maraschino cherry juice butter cream on top:

Shirley Temple cupcakes



H said...

Um, YUM!!! I have a recipe saved for a Guiness Cheesecake I found around St. Patricks day, haven't tried it yet.

Antonia Krajicek {Green Horned Unicorn} said...

Your Pinterest Sunday posts have fast become one of my favorite! I love that the recipe kicks the Guinness Cupcakes up at notch. The gannace and the Bailey's frosting sound delightful :)

H said...

Can't wait to find out what you did today! I think I need to make those cupcakes.