Friday, September 30, 2011

Antique Mall Finds

It will be a while until our "finds" find their permanent homes in our home, so for now here is a sneak peek at what we got:
 Old farmhouse paned windows. The yellow one will go "as is" to my bedroom and the white one may get a fresh, distressed coat of paint for my living room.
 Tony's finds, old radio and phone extension. The tag on the phone says "non-working", DUH!

This shabby table will get a fabric covered foam seat and become a bench for my bedroom.

This little old school desk already found a home in the girls' room. We also picked up the little personal chalk board hanging on the wall.

I got this just because it was funny/cute to me. Published in 1951, I am sure it is ripe with misinformation {even the cover has a baby on its tummy, not what we are told to do these days}. I will have to read trough the section on breastfeeding, I am sure it will be hilarious!

These are going to be a bed side table in Alexa's room. Her room eventually will have a world traveler theme with her pictures of Europe, etc.

We also picked up an assortment of old kitchen gadgets (rolling pins, graters, apron, sifters. etc) that will be hung on the soffit above our kitchen cabinets.

The whole time we were keeping our eyes out for windows, old typewriters, and an old Singer. I described to Tony the black metal with gold writing of the Singer sewing machines that I like. We never saw one but Tony did find me this:

 It's not a Singer, but it sure is pretty. Best part, we plugged in in and it works!


Antonia Krajicek {Green Horned Unicorn} said...

WOW! You found some amazing stuff!! I love the school desk and might have to come steal that luggage from you :)

Julie said...

Lisa, I have the old Singer you want. It's beautiful black with gold filigree and lettering. It works but needs a new cord. If you can think of a way to get it, I'd love it to go to a home where it can be enjoyed. Right now, the only place I have for it is the floor of my closet. :(