Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My "Bug" is 20!!!!!

Michael was born at 10:03 pm, July 12, 1991 and at that moment my life was forever changed.

20 Years ago today, I became a mother.

I learned so much with him{I guess our firsts are always our guinea pigs, we learned by trial and error}. I learned how to take care of a baby, what unconditional love truly is, and what that word "bonding" you read in parenting magazines really feels like {I have always thought that word too small and insignificant for a feeling so huge your heart could burst!}. I developed true self esteem as a mother by watching my baby grow from me and me alone through nursing him. I was irreplaceable, the center of his whole world, and he was the center of mine. My life took a whole new path due to him, and I was forever changed.
newborn Michael

Michael- 1 month old

Today, Michael is growing into an amazing man. 20 years old, and no longer a teenager, no longer a child. He has a great work ethic, is sensitive, SO funny {he has a nearly photographic memory of movie/TV show lines, and breaks them out at the perfect times}, has a great smile {just not in front of a camera, dang it!}. He is still very shy and introverted, but is coming out of that in many ways. He even ran our business while Tony was gone for nearly two weeks, at 19 and running the crews, managing the projects, getting supplies and dealing face to face with the customers. And did I mention he is really smart? He has really excelled in his design classes (AutoCad). He even did a project, start to finish, by taking measurements at the job site, designing the item in AutoCad, and then using the drawing to fabricate the item {with his side-kick, Dennis} and installing it for the customer. I am so proud of the wonderful man he is becoming!

Michael on his 20th birthday, heading off to work in his "new" truck.

Oh, and why did I title this post My "bug"? Well, I have called Michael that since he was a tiny baby {along with peanut, monkey, and many others that did not stick}. Even at over 6 feet tall, and over 300 pounds, he is still my baby, still my Bug.


H said...

Hey, look at THAT (!), you did catch him smiling :) Men and their trucks, that will do it every time. Happy day to you both.

Amber said...

I can't believe Michael is 20! Wow! Time sure does fly! Your birthday recap was very sweet!