Friday, June 24, 2011

Celeste and Sophie's Room

We've been working super hard on Celeste and Sophie's room for a couple of months now. I don't have any before pictures, but the goal was to get rid of their 2 beds, and get them a queen to share, get rid of Celeste's old dresser, and paint. Well, that turned into revamping the entire room, as one thing led to another {and another, and another...}. The room is almost done, all that is left is the crown molding, new door and knob, hanging all the cute frames, shelves, mirrors, etc that we bought, and getting a few more storage solutions {under bed bins maybe?}. Without further ado, here is a tour of their room:

The view walking in their door

turning left, the bed and Celeste's dresser...Sophie's dresser is the same and lives in the closet.

turning farther to the left, their closet with curtains, no doors

as you walk in, this wall is on your right {opposite wall as the bed}

and this wall is directly forward, the headboard, nightstand and desk are here (and on the white board on the desk is a chore schedule the girls devised to keep their new room looking great....we will see how long that lasts!)

Here are a couple of close ups:
hand made pillows
my happy girls
Their message to me reads "We love our new room" from Celeste, and "thank you Mommy" from Sophie.

Here is where we got all our cute stuff:
Blinds, Paint (Behr "Hidden Meadow" (green) and "Sea Life" (blue): Home Depot
Bed: Craig's list (new in box from a model home staging company)
Bedding, colorful cube cubbies/bins: Target
Lamps: Kirkland Home
Dresser, desk, nightstand, cube unit, closet curtains, curtain rods: Ikea
Flooring: Floor and Decor {Elliot and Priest}
Closet Banner, window curtains, lampshades, throw pillows: Hand made by me, all fabrics from Scrapbooks, Etc {of course!}


Antonia Krajicek {Green Horned Unicorn} said...

I love it Lisa! The colors are so fun. I think my favorite part is the piles of pretty pillows on the bed! Great job with the makeover :)

H said...

Just FANTASTIC! We're doing a couple of remodels here as well. Nothing as cute, but it's fun.

Amber said...

Love! Love! Love the finished product! Big fan of the color choices! How could the girls not love it! Will you make me some.. pleaseeeeee! The makeove is beautiful! Great job!

Emily, Julia, and Annie said...

Oh my stop it!! I love it and want to live in that room!

sandalloons40 said...

great job lisa. I don't know if my kiddos would of kept that so nice like. stunning colors. :)

angieinpink said...

I LOVE IT! seriously, sooooo cute! You did an amazing job! i dream about that banner. it makes me happy! and the pillows! and lamps! love!