Thursday, September 23, 2010


As all of you know, I have the best job in the world!
It has become more fun with the addition of our fabric department.  We have the absolute prettiest fabric selection ever, and the best sewing classes.  I recently took the Sew-N-Go and it was "sew" fun!

Here's the deal:  It is $18 for the class, every first and third Tuesday 11am-3pm-ish.  You come, pick a kit off the counter, and have a seat.  When class starts, they show a sample of the project and hand out the pattern.  Yes you heard right, supplies and pattern are included, and you sign up "blind" not knowing what the project is.  Here was my first class: 

The tote was so cute, I had to make 3. I mean I do have 3 girls, I had no other choice right? The fabulous teachers have extra kits for sale, and not to brag too much, I got all 3 done in class!  This tote can be made any size determined by the size of squares you use.  I might just start cutting squares out of my fabric scraps and sew them together when I have enough.  I'm inspired, can't wait till next time!


Bella Mama said...

oh my gosh lisa those are so cute! ive got a quilt to do soon - i should come out to see you to get my fabric! what is you schedule like?

Antonia Krajicek said...

Oh my gosh, that sounds like so much fun! I love the surprise element behind it. I can't believe how adorable the project is for an $18 class!! Too bad it's during "work hours" for me. Maybe I'll have to tailor one of my work-from-home days around the class...hmmm :)

Julie said...

How fun!! My mom and sister do this same kind of thing at a quilt store near them. I wish I had more time to socialize with my new machine that Jon got me this summer, but time will come for that. Happy sewing!!

hollieaz said...

Those are absolutely adorable! You are just amazing :):) LOVE it!

Amber said...

Wow! They look amazing! I would totally be bragging if I got all 3 done during the class. That is amazing.. I think I need to call in sick on Tuesday.. ha!