Monday, September 13, 2010

Been Busy

I have been so busy lately, but haven't we all?  Celeste is playing both volleyball and fall softball, so we have a sport to go to everyday (but Sunday), and some days two! Whew!

But in my "spare time" I have been editing Alexa's Europe pictures.  I first weeded the 1300+ down to 810.  Now comes the editing.  Her camera was not so good, so all her pictures have a slightly overcast look, even on days that were bright and sunny.

Here are some samples of her pictures, both before and after:

And fun effects:

And a few more pretty shots:


Julie said...

Love the photos!! (Though I must admit, had there not been the edited ones to compare with, I'd never have thought the originals to be dull!) So glad she had such a great time.

Ally said...

She got some REALLY good shots! Mama taught her well! Looks like you have a lot of scrapping to do... you in for a November event?

Amber said...

Wow! They are amazing! 810! You are going to have some serious scrapping! ha! Great photos and editing! Can't wait to see more. I think you should do the 365 with me..

Antonia Krajicek said...

Wow...she captured some GREAT shots! You're rocking with the editing! Are you using the PSE you bought? Great job! :)

becky said...

she's a great little photographer!