Wednesday, November 18, 2009

We're Ready!!!!!!!

We're so ready for the premier of New Moon. Alexa and I will be going to the midnight showing this Thursday. We got our tickets about two months ago and have both reread the book:

We've got our New Moon gear, Alexa got an official T-shirt and I have a special Twilight watch and necklace:
{Thanks Doodleedoo}
And we will attempt to sell suckers as fundraising for Alexa's trip:

So as I said, we are totally ready to see this movie!
And, go team Jacob!


Antonia said...

Sounds like FUN!! I've yet to read any of the books yet, but I'm thinking I need to. Have so much fun and good luck with the fundraising :)

I said...

where can I buy that jewelry? Post a link!

mamamuniz said...

There is a link on my sidebar for Doodlee Doo Creations.

Joanna said...

Good luck on the fundraising and the chaos of New Moon. It should be great!

becky said...

it was SO amazing!!!!!!!!! i loved it! the suckers look so cute wrapped like that!