Monday, November 2, 2009


Every Halloween my family and I help do a cake walk at the Tempe Halloween Festival. It is an awesome event put on by the city as an alternative to trick or treating. It also provides a fundraising opportunity as all of the booths are run by non profit organizations. This was our La Leche League group's 12 time doing the cake walk there. We really enjoy it. This year Alexa ran a booth for her P2P trip and made $113.00. Goooo Alexa!!! I was so busy the whole night that I did not get any pictures of our booths or the event, but here are the little girls in their costumes {they are the only ones that dress up anymore :-( }.
Sophie was a zombie. Yes that's her real hair. We love making our own costumes from items we find at the Goodwill. Sophie's dress was Celeste's from her vampire costume two years ago. Alexa provided the hair and makeup:

Celeste also got her dress at the Goodwill and went as a masquerade lady. She made the mask herself:


Antonia said...

Wow...the girls are so creative, just like their mom! LOVE the costumes. Alexa did an awesome job on Sophie's hair and makeup! And yay for raising $113 :)

Amber said...

I love the costumes.. They are so creative. What a great job Alexa did on the hair and makeup..

Anonymous said...

sophie kinda scares me! lol very cute!

Ally said...

Omgosh - the Zombie one is AMAZING! Love that photo of her "screaming" into the camera! Whoa! LOL
Great stuff!
Am I going to see you on Friday???