Monday, December 8, 2008


Sophie is a loser!

Literally. She finally lost her first tooth which held on FOREVER! The other tooth was grown in behind it. It was so loose that it was bothering her, and she was scared to pull it. She said "I am a tough sleeper, maybe daddy can pull it out while I am asleep." Well, it did not come to that, she was able to play with it and pull it out herself later that day.

She looks so cute with the hole in her face, and shows it off to everyone. As for me, with every one of her firsts I am reminded that it is a last-first for me as a mother. So here's to my last- first lost tooth!


Anonymous said...

Aww! She is cute! I too am a fan of the toothless little ones. It's so fun to watch them grow & be so excited for the "toothfairy"

Bella Mama said...

Aww Sophie lost her first while Bella sprouted her first!