Sunday, February 15, 2015

Winter Formal

I haven't posted in a while again, and my first post back is another dance. I swear there is more going on in our lives than this! I just can not pass up the opportunity to take pictures of cute kiddos all dressed up.

First, we met up with just the girls:
 Celeste, Emily, Maddie, Christie

And did portraits of each girl, here are Celeste's:

 Then the boys met up with us for couples and group shots. Celeste with her boyfriend, Jesse:

Here's the cute couple:

{I zoomed in on them when they weren't paying attention, love it!}
 Lastly, we did groups and the boys:
 Nico, Christie, Celeste, Jesse
 Nico, Christie, John, Maddie, Emily, Gabe, Celeste, Jesse
 Jesse with his cousin Isaiah, who's group we just happened to run into.
Da Boys, lol!

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