Friday, November 30, 2012

Around Here

I have never been a good decorator. My home has always been a hodge podge of random furniture, pictures hung on the walls wherever I had space, and tons of "stuff" that tends to accumulate when you've got six people and been in your home 16 years!
The only room that is even decorated is Celeste/Sophie's room also seen here.

I am slowly figuring out my "style" (thanks mostly to Pinterest!) and starting to get some areas that I would actually say are intentionally decorated. I have tons more ideas that will take more time, money, and energy than I currently have, but I feel like I have an over-all idea of what I want my home to look and feel like.

So here is a little peek into what makes me happy:
This sums up my home perfectly!
Chalkboard frame: Merchant Square

Key locker: RodWorks
Frame: Barnsale

Mini Christmas tree: Ikea
Vintage ornaments from my granny.

 Antiques: various antique stores across the country
Fixtures: Ikea
On top of my fridge, makes me happy!
Locker Basket: Barnsale
Wine rack: Sweet Salvage

On top of my deep freezer. Someday I will have a hutch to display my Pyrex along with my Granny's china, Grandma's dishes, and great-grandmother's china.
Picnic basket: Sophie's barnsale purchase
Pyrex: Merchant Square and an Iowa antique store. 

More Pyrex that has joined the others, full set!: Turn Style Consignment
 The start of the girls' monogram wall! I will now be on the hunt for industrial "C's" and "S's".
 Large "C": Sweet Salvage
Jars: Container store
Chalk Board contact paper and Bistro Chalk Markers: Amazon

 And here is a mini tutorial for chalk board art (the "excuse the mess" sign was done with this same method):
1. Print your text in a fun font.
2. Rub chalk on the back of your printed paper.
3. Use a blunt item (back of a pen, etc) to trace the words onto the chalkboard, leaving a light chalk dust outline to follow.
4. Trace outline with chalk or a chalk marker.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Busy, Busy

These past few weeks have been pretty busy around here.

First, Celeste spent part of her fall break at Scripps with Alexa, for some sister bonding time:
 We had a really big birthday, Sophie is now 10, double digits, woot woot! For her birthday, we went riding:
Sophie also was referred by her school nurse for.....


 Alexa came home for a quick 4 day weekend, my parents were here as well, and we took no pictures!

The boys went on their annual trip to the dunes for Halloween, and had a great time.

Then came Halloween. Michael carved pumpkins with the girlies:
 And for the first time in 15 years, my La Leche League group did NOT do the cakewalk! We had to actually make plans for Halloween. We went to trunk-or-treating at our neighbors' church, and then some trick-or-treating.

Here is Sophie as a "pretty witch" along with Sadie as her black cat:

And Celeste as Mario:

 And finally, Celeste turned 15! I know, I can't believe it either! She took pizza and cookies to school and then went to the movies with some friends. Boy are these kids growing fast!

And a sneak peek on what has been keeping me so busy, my next furniture re-do: