Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Better After

One of the blogs I love to look at for inspiration is Better After.
This blog is full of "re-dos" from small home decor items, to furniture pieces, to entire rooms.

Here are a few of my recent projects that I feel are "better after".

 I found this serving tray at a thrift store for $1.00, score! A little chalk paint and I have a drink cup tray for keeping tack of family members and guests' cups. And guess what? the kids loved it! They all enjoyed writing their names and were actually returning their cups to the spots they made. Win!
 I found my tray when I was looking for one for my secret Santa at work. I made some chalkboard label jars for her, and needed the tray to hold them. I think it would be fun for her to use hers for parties to label the food items she is serving. Here is hers before:
 Kinda ugly, if you ask me, but a great size and shape. And here is what I hope is better after:
 And finally, while thrifting for the tray I found the following shirt. Celeste was with me when I found it and thought I was crazy, at first. 
Celeste: "You're going to wear that?"
Me: "No, you're going to wear that."
Celeste: "um, no...". 

I did ease her worries when I told her I saw it as a pillow for her room, the color is perfect! And I even talked her into modeling it for the before pictures:
You're going to make me wear this?

 I can make it look good.....

 Ha ha ha, maybe not....

  But I do think it makes a good looking pillow!


H said...

That shirt/pillow conversation sounds like a familiar one over here. I loving seeing something and convincing my family that it will turn out all right. Good for Celeste to model for us :)

Julie said...

Love these ideas! You are so good at finding and completing projects!