Monday, July 23, 2012

(Un)Finished Projects

Does anyone else have bags of items bought for projects that you've never gotten around to? Piles of fabrics intended for greatness? Just me? Well this weekend was the time for finishing those unfinished projects!
And man does it feel good!

The girls were inspired by a super cute monkey quilt at my work and really wanted one. My answer was "no way, how about a pillow?" Celeste ran with that idea, changed it up to be a sock monkey, found a drawing to use as a pattern, chose fabric, and came up with this:

 Of course Sophie needed one too:
Anyone remember Celeste's  Minky monkey blanket and Pillow?
I have also made Alexa and all black Minky pillow, so of course Sophie needed one, too. She chose some remnant Minky from my work, and we made this:

 Another half finished project was a ruffled circle skirt Celeste chose the fabric for about 2 years ago. She said she did not want it anymore, so I finished it up for Sophie:
 I have finished all of my collected Sew-N-Go projects of travel items(8 so far, I think?) for Alexa to take to college with her. I will post those later when I get her quilt back from the quilter(made with fabric I got almost 2 years ago, sheesh!). That's right, I made a quilt all on my own, for the first time!

And because we were not busy enough, we did a Pinterest Sunday project, Moscato Cupcakes. My favorite wine in yummy cupcake form:

 I must say I am feeling quite accomplished, if not a little burned out! Now we are off to pick up Alexa's graduation thank you cards from the printer, another item checked off the list!



Lindsey Neill said...

Amazing!!! And so impressive!! Love the pillows : )

H said...

You have just ONE bag of unfinished projects? I'm impressed :)