Wednesday, March 7, 2012


We did not accomplish a "Pinterest Sunday" project this week, but with Celeste home from school sick on Monday, my day off, we were able to get our craft on! I picked up some fabulous "Minky" fabric from the best place on earth, my workplace ETC. Celeste really likes Monkeys and has a little collection of them so we made two fun, and easy items for her room.

First we covered and body pillow Celeste already had in her room. It was very easy. These fabrics are 60" wide, so we just cute 2 strips 16"x60", hemmed the top of each, sewed ribbons from our stash to the inside, sewed the 2 pieces right side together, turned right side out, inserted the pillow and tied shut. It took less than an hour, start to finish!
Here is a close up of the pillow case and ties.

We cut our remaining fabrics into nine 16" squares. I sewed these squares into rows 3 across then sewed the 3 rows together to form a square. We used a solid piece for the back, sewed front to back right sides together leaving an 8" opening for turning. I turned it right side out, then top-stitched the entire perimeter, sewing opening shut.It was a super easy, cuddle or throw size "quilt" that took about 2 hours.

 If you haven't seen/felt these "Minky" fabrics in person, you are missing out! They are amazingly soft and cuddly! Celeste is in love with the Monkeys, and the colors go so well in her room. 


Julie said...

These are great! My mom put Minky on the back of a quilt for Lauren. It's heavenly! Have you ever tried making tube pillow cases? It's sewn in such a manner so as to leave no raw edges and uses three fabrics for lots of color. I think if you Youtube "sausage pillow case" or "tube pillow case," it should come up. Easy, stylish, and practical!

H said...

I keep telling myself that when I don't have a 2 year old I'm gonna be Lisa! These are darling.

Lindsey Neill said...

The ribbon on the pillow is my favorite part! So cute and so comfy looking!

Antonia Krajicek {Green Horned Unicorn} said...

Fun projects! I bet that body pillow is amazing with that minky on it! Those are comfortable enough already. My pets would never get off of it, ha :)