Monday, December 12, 2011

Pinterest Sunday- Secret Santa

Every year at work we do a secret Santa gift exchange at our Christmas party. This year I got Jenny, and was so excited! She shares my love of all things shabby and I immediately knew what to make for her. What better than one of my old farmhouse windows I got last October in Oklahoma?!

Thanks to Pinterest, I was full of ideas. I wanted it to display photos, and I also wanted to incorporate fabric, as Jenny is one of our store's sewing extraordinaires! I started by painting the frame Swiss coffee, an off white color. It was still too light so I diluted my charcoal gray and gave it a little color wash to tone it down. Next I printed the words as a template and hand painted them to the window frame.
Then came the boy help. I wrapped peg board in fabric and Michael fastened it to the back of the window. He also helped me add the antique clips and handle for the photos to be displayed.

Thanks to Facebook, I was able to put actual pictures of all her children and grandchildren on it. I am sure she will change them out for better ones in the future, but for now I am so pleased with how it turned out!

Celeste asked me if I am going to make us one. Of course I plan to, but I have a few more I would like to do as gifts first!


angieinpink said...

perfect gift! and so stinkin' darling. LOVED it. ♥

Amber said...

Omg Lisa! Love! Love! Love! I want to be your secret Santa! Pleeeeaase! You did an amazing job. Michael too! Love it! Great job!

Jennifer Rodriguez said...

Love, Lovety Love!!! Great idea!

H said...

Amazing, Lisa! You have so much talent. I love it.

Antonia Krajicek {Green Horned Unicorn} said...

Hooray for "Pinspiration"! You did an amazing job with it :)

shabbyscrapper said...

lisa...i can't begin to THANK YOU for the most adorable, PERFECT, absolutely AMAZING gift ever!!! i gloated the whole way home, thinking,"i got the best secret santa gift at the party!"...and there were some pretty amazing gifts! i will treasure it always...because it showcases my most prized possessions in the family!! thanks again...jenny