Monday, November 14, 2011

Happy 14th Birthday Celeste!

Celeste had not had a real birthday party for 3 years, so we figured we better go big for this one! We decide on Airworx a super fun indoor trampoline center. On Friday nights they have a DJ, so Friday 11-11-11 was going to be it!
We settled on a "theme" of neon, inspired by our highlighter t-shirt idea.
 Our attempt at "highlighter" colored decor
and cake...

 The goodies for each guest, white t-shirt, highlighter, and glow sticks.

We set up our own photo booth with props, and thanks to Alexa, got pictures of Celeste with each of her guests. The kids were all so willing to humor me in that. Here are just a few:

 I am never sure with this age group what kids will find fun and what they will think is silly, but they LOVED the shirts. It was a frenzy of nearly 30 kids all over the room signing each others shirts.
Just outside our party room were the black-lights, and the shirts TOTALLY glowed. It worked so well some of the boys drew funny things on themselves with the highlighters! It was fun to see them all out there jumping and having fun with their matching white/glowing shirts.
Group shot, we may have missed a few....

And the birthday girl:
 Happy 14th birthday Celeste!


H said...

What a super fun time and a great group of kids! Well done, mama.

Amber said...

Happy Birthday Celeste!

What a great birthday idea! I love the white tees with highlighter!

The 'snap shots' were an awesome idea!

Love the streamers and balloons!