Monday, March 28, 2011


I have been completely addicted to [FRAMED], an amazing, online photography show. They post a new episode every Tuesday featuring a different photographer. It is really interesting and inspiring!

They have a contest for bloggers to post a "photo that tells a story".
Being a scrapbooker, I feel EVERY photo tells a story!

So, here's mine:

The story this photo tells me is one of blossoming, becoming, changing. My little girl is just between childhood and full on teenager. She is changing from a cute kid, to a beautiful young lady, right before my eyes.

If you are interested in [FRAMED] click this link or follow them on Facebook here or Twitter here.

The above picture was taken of Celeste before attending her friend's Batmitzva. Here is one of her in her dress for this night:

Celeste and her friends had a great time dancing the night away, at what turned out to be quite the party!


Antonia Krajicek said...

Gorgeous photos Lisa! The site looks amazing and I can't wait to check it out. I'm currently taking an online photography class with Candice Stringham and have finally learned full manual mode. I'm still working on it, but now I understand what it all does. THis is sure to help me out even more :)

Amber said...

Beautiful photos!

I can't wait to check out this site!

robin said...

Wow. Great picture. She is beautiful.