Wednesday, January 19, 2011

She's 13!!!

Celeste turned 13 on November 9th. Another teenager, Whew, 3 under one roof!  Here are some shots from her (belated) birthday photo shoot:

And here are some photos to show why the b-day shoot was so belated:

And without further ado, 13 things we love about our 13 year old:
1. She's athletic. It seems to come natural to her and even got MVP on her JH volleyball team, the first time ever playing that sport.
2. She's tough.  Man did the last few months show that!
3. She's smart. TPA has been a challenge, but she managed an A on her history final, her hardest subject.
4. Celeste is our fashionista, and has her own fun, quirky sense of style.
5. She's artistic. Her latest, drawing/designing clothes.
6. She is creative.
7. She's cute...what can I say, I know I'm far from a partial observer..
8. Celeste is strong. She has muscle tone I can only dream of.
9. She's busy, not one to really sit around a lot, she's always on the go.
10. She's sweet....well a mix of sweet and sassy anyway.
11. She is funny; quietly, sarcastically, funny.
12. Celeste is a good shopper. Loves it and finds good deals, too.
13. A morning person...the ONLY one in this family...

Happy Birthday, Celeste!


Antonia Krajicek said...

Happy Belated BDay Celeste!! I hope the ankle is healing up well! :)

Amber said...

Happy Belated Birthday Celeste!

Hope you have a speedy recovery!