Thursday, April 22, 2010


OK, Arizona, you've gone too far!!!!!
Our legislature has passed a bill that allows law enforcement officers to arrest people based on "reasonable suspicion" of being illegally in this country. We are not talking about immigrants from Sweden or Canada, etc. We are talking about Mexicans.
Let me walk you through this: How do you have "reasonable suspicion" that someone is illegally here? If my husband, or son, and I are walking down the street, on what basis will law enforcement officers determine our legitimacy? Well, my guys are brown. Bottom line. They can be stopped, questioned, and if they can not produce ID at the time, arrested. For what? Being brown. They will pay a fee for being arrested, for being brown. Will I be randomly asked to produce ID by an officer? Ever? Doubtful, because I am not brown. Can you tell I am pissed?!? Our state is infringing on our civil rights here, and yes I am pissed.
Our Governor has a chance now to review this and veto it. Here's to hoping she will do the right thing. Yes illegal immigration is a problem in AZ, as in all the border states. But, taking away the civil rights of American citizens is unacceptable. Having a law allowing discrimination based on ethnicity is an outrage, and a huge step backward.
Does anyone in America want to have to always carry ID to be produced at anytime to prove we have the right to be here? Why is it OK to require this of only those with brown skin and a Mexican ancestry? I will begrudgingly ask that my guys always carry their IDs to avoid such an issue, not that I think it will ever actually happen, but what if? And, in the mean time I must voice that I am ashamed of AZ, it's lawmakers, and it's citizens if we stand by and allow this to happen.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Ren Fair

I want to start by saying (yet again) thank you to all our friends and family who have been supporting our fundraising for Alexa's trip, and to let you know that HER TRIP IS NOW PAID FOR! That's right, 100% paid off! We are now focusing our efforts on the smaller task of spending money and items needed for her trip, but that seems small potatoes now!
Our last fundraising effort was a booth at her school's Renaissance Fair. We sold our hair accessories, jewelry, and small purses:

Alexa was at a softball tournament which left me and the little girls to man the booth, and have some fun:

We really had a great time and made a little over $100. Added to the $700 from our crop, and our first payment from the Fry's card donation, we had all we needed for her April payment. Boy did that feel good!