Sunday, December 19, 2010

An Attempt at Craftiness

We have an annual Christmas party/gift exchange at work.  This year I got Jenaye.  She is 21, a total cutie, and really fun and fashionable.  Intimidating much?  Not really, I had a few ideas.  After searching the web, and peeking at some great Etsy shops, I came up with an idea.  Jenaye sells wonderful hair accessories, and her newest addition, lady ties.  Men's ties that are repurposed for women to wear.  I decided to upcycle some men's ties into belts for her.  Also, I wanted to stitch some ties onto shirts as decorative collars.  This was kind of a fail.  My shirt looked less artsy/indie/chic and more 1960's stewardess:

Any one else thinking of the Orbit gum girl when they see it?  Fabulous!

 So plan "B", Celeste will keep the Orbit's gum shirt, and the purple shirt gets a belt, not a collar as originally planned.  Here are her finished gifts:


I made little rosettes out of the tie tails I cut off to make the belts.  This was actually a pretty fun little DIY project.  Hope she likes it!


Amber said...

Lisa! I think this is adorable! I love it! I am sure Jenaye will love it! Great job!

Anonymous said...

I for one, think you did an amazing job! How creative AND fashionable. Great job :)

Julie said...

Remind me again why YOU don't have an Etsy site? :)