Sunday, February 21, 2010

Checking the Mail

Who likes checking the mail? There's hardly anything fun in there, as no one seems to send actual letters anymore. It's all junk mail, ads, and of course, bills. What fun is that? Until recently I hated checking the mail! But here is what our mail has looked like lately:

Beautiful, handmade card from my aunt Barbara, for Alexa's sweet sixteen.

{Photo Removed}

Sweet, sentimental card from Baba, with a VERY generous 16th birthday gift of money for Alexa's Europe trip. That was a fun one to open!

These. Everyday. Since turning 16, or coincidentally(?) we have been getting SEVERAL OF THESE EVERYDAY! This batch of 5 came all in one day. I am not exaggerating, everyday we get more. I wonder if this happens with every TPA student? Michael got a few, but nothing like this. And she's only a sophomore. Sheesh! It's sure fun to see who is soliciting her though!
{I could get used to opening mail like this}


Antonia Krajicek said...

Wow!! Those are some pretty impressive universities recruiting...ALREADY! And what a beautiful card! Hooray for happy mail :)

H said...

FANTASTIC! This looks like such a fun surprise :) I didn't even really have time to enjoy the Christmas mail this year. You make me want to go write someone a letter.

Amber said...

How exciting! I love the card from Aunt Barb! Super cute! I can't believe the colleges are ALREADY sending letters.. WOW!

Joanna said...

Awesome card! I remember being excited when the mail was finally for me. I still like checking it though...every once in a while there's a fun package just for me. :)

Crystal said...

Wow, that homemade card was amazing! I would love to check the mail if I got awesome things like this too. I agree with you - I HATE CHECKING THE MAIL!!!

Lisa said...

Not to be all "crazy internet lady", but you should probably change the picture of your Aunt's card, so that you can't see her name and address on the checks. :O)

Ally said...

What fun! She is a very special young lady... you starting to feel old yet? ;)