Saturday, January 30, 2010


We had an awesome day today. It was my first Saturday off in I don't know how long, so we took the quads out for a spin. Believe it or not, with all the riders in my family, this was my very first time riding a quad!
OK, so I do kinda look like a dork, but it was pretty fun. I felt like I was being pretty brave and riding fast, but Tony informed me I was not going that fast.
Celeste sure was! She even caught some air:

She's pretty brave. She definitely takes after her daddy on that one. Here he is doing some donuts:

Sophie is more like her mommy, pretty cautious and nervous on her own:

She was getting more comfortable towards the end.

And one more of Celeste. She would have kept riding all day had we let her:

I think she may be ready to hit the dunes next Halloween with her daddy!


Antonia Krajicek said...

Looks like fun!! It reminds me of growing up in NE (aside from the scenery!). I always loved going riding :)

Joanna said...

That looks so fun! I've only ever been on a quad once with my husband and had a great time then. I bet it's even more fun when you are going crazy on your own.

Amber said...

I haven't been quading in years.. What a blast! Looks like you all had a blast.

H said...

Looks like fun. The last time I was on something like that was when they were made with 3 wheels instead of 4. I was still in high school, yikes!

Ally said...

Damn, I MISS riding! You look GOOD on that quad! Not like a dork at all!

becky said...

so fun!! you look like a natural! (: p.s. it was so fun to see you for like a second the other day!! i miss you!!!!