Friday, October 16, 2009

Let The Fun{draising} Begin!!!!

Alexa and I have been busy this fall break making hair accessories for sale to fund raise for her people to people tuition. We made some to match the TPA school uniform, some with her school colors, some for ASU, and some black and silver for homecoming. Interested in any, just leave a comment or email/call me or Alexa!

And how could I post today without mentioning that it is Sophie's 7th birthday!!!

I can't believe my baby is 7, happy birthday baby!

And now we are off to see "Where The Wild Things Are" in celebration.


Amber said...

I want one! Let me know via email.
How much?
I am currently in Ill. I will be back Sun.
Happy Birthday S!

Antonia said...

Awww! The hair clips are so cute Lisa!! Happy belated Bday to Sophie :)

Ally said...

Those are soooo cool! How much are they??? I am thinking Taylor must have one. She will be so jealous. She wanted to do People to People but just couldn't figure out the money!