Sunday, September 6, 2009

I Have the Best Friends

Seriously, I do!!!
I just happen to know some of the most creative, talented and caring women EVER!
I'm just saying....
First off, my friend Amber is quite the artist. She has started painting again and is more talented than I ever knew! She surprised me at work with this amazing piece of art:

Yup, that's our Sadie, and yes she painted it! She used the photo shown with it, from one of my blog posts. Simply amazing!!!! You can see her from my sidebar "Truely Amber". Thanks for the surprise!
And then there is my friend, Toni. She is a really awesome scrapbooker, and her work has been featured on many a scrap site. I love her work, and she is such an artistic inspiration to me. She gave me a belated birthday gift of some hand made embellishments from Etsy:

I can't wait to use these beauties. Thanks Toni. {PS: she can be seen on her blog, "reconsider everything", on my sidebar, too!}

And a small shout out to my work friend, Erika, who is doing a really great thing for a local non-profit. The organization is raising money to make boxes to give to parents at the hospital who have lost their babies. They are planning events to raise money for this endeavor, so for my local friends, you can learn more at:

See? Can't argue with that! I have amazing friends!


Antonia said...

The picture Amber painted is AMAZING!! I'm going to have to commission her to paint something for me! Thanks for the blog love! I'm off to check out Erika's charity :)

Joanna said...

Looks like you received tons of awesome gifts! :)

Amber said...

I love the hand made embellishments Toni got you for your birthday. They are so stinkin cute.. Your reaction was priceless.. I am just happy that you loved the painting..