Sunday, August 9, 2009

Florida with Sandra and Oliver

My sister and I flew out to Florida for her to attend a week long conference and me to watch her baby, Oliver.

My adventure started with an emergency landing in El Paso, followed by being shuffled onto different flights, ending up in Orlando {rather than Tampa}, renting a car and driving to Clearwater Beach, sans luggage! I made it in at 2:30 am and my sister was able to get to her conference on time that morning. Oliver let me sleep in {thank you Ollie!}, and later that night I was able to return the rental car and get my luggage, which ended up in Tampa that day.

Ollie and I had a great time during the days, while Sandra was attending her sessions. He is just starting solids, so we were experimenting with cereal here. I think some made it into his tummy.

This is where we stayed, the Sheridan Sand Key. It was really nice, and right on the beach. Our room had an amazing view of the parking lot!

We were able to have dinner together every night. On our last night we took the Trolley to the pier, ate dinner, and bought some souvenirs.

This is me and Ollie on the pier.
After taking the Trolley back to the hotel, we walked down to the beach to watch {and photograph!} the sunset. It was BEAUTIFUL!!!

Sandra and Ollie in silhouette

The week flew by, but I am so glad I got to spend that time with my sister and nephew!


Crystal said...

What a fun trip for you and what a cute nephew you have. She must have been so happy that you were there to help out and to spend time with her. What a nice aunt you are.

Antonia said...

Wow! Aside from the flight issues, that sounds like a fantastic week! Your nephew is soooo cute :)

I love the photos also! You captured some awesome shots!!

Amber said...

Holy cow! What a flight.. Sounds alot like the time I flew to New York..

I love the photo you took of your sister and oliver in silhouette. Very creative! Your nephew sure is a cutie!!!

Anonymous said...

what a great sis you are! great pictures lisa!

Ally said...

omgosh - looks like you had such a great trip! The photos look like they will be a blast to scrap too!

becky said...

he is so dang cute!!! the pictures look great!

Julie said...

He's SOOO cute!