Monday, June 8, 2009

California Mini-vacation

My fabulous husband stole me away for a romantic mini vacation to California.
Um, ok, not really. What he actually said was "I have some meetings in Cali, you and the little girls should come and we will spend a day at the beach". Not quite the same, but I'll take it!!!
We drove out to Calabasa on Sunday, stopping in Menifee on the way to see some friends. On Monday we drove to a small beach just north of Malibu.
It was an amazing spot with cool outcrops of rocks that were covered in mussels, sea stars, anemones, crabs, and other critters.

The girls had a blast, even though the water was ice cold!
Tuesday we drove north to Solvang, the dutch capital of the United States. It is so cute, all the buildings are beautiful.
There are adorable shops and yummy bakeries.

There were so many fun shops, and one really nice baby boutique. It had the most beautiful dress up clothes, hair bows, baby clothes, and dresses. I found these items for my work friend who is expecting a girl any day! The dress is silk on the top and has layers of embroidered tulle. I can't wait to see baby Stella in it.

We were considering staying another night, but ended up having dinner in Ontario with some other friends, and driving all the way home (til 4:30 am!). We sure crammed a lot into our "mini vacation".


Antonia said...

Wow...sounds like you had quite the whirl-wind tour! The beach looks BEAUTIFUL. Now I want to take a trip to Cali :)

Anonymous said...

what a cute dress! your girls are so adorable! and yay for mini vacas!

Ally said...

What a great mini vacation! Looks like you had a blast! Good for you all for going away!