Monday, May 4, 2009

Softball Season {a Juxtaposition}

Here is Sophie, all geared up for her T-ball game:

{cute, right?}

And here is what you can expect to see at one of her games:

-2 runners on first base at the same time {coach yelling "run Daniel"}

-a cutie orange-shirted girl out on the field with us while her team was up to bat

-kids running the wrong way, wearing the helmets backwards, batting from the wrong side of the T, etc.

-kids sitting in the outfield, chasing butterflies, or sitting on their parents laps during innings

-kids batting until they hit, everyone bats, and no one gets out {and we don't keep score}

As you can see, Sophie is pretty good:

Run, Sophie!

Now, here is what you would see at Alexa's games:

-A catcher like a brick wall that hardly ever lets a ball by her:

{yup, that's my girl!}

-Awesome, fast pitching, strike outs, and home runs

-Stealing bases, leading off, sliding into base or home

-fastest fielding imaginable {these girls rock at bringing the ball in FAST!}

-throw downs to make outs

-fun chants from the dugout, and amazing teamwork

Alexa Batting
And all around exciting, fast passed games including the following:
We were playing our regional rival, Salt River Indian Community School. They already beat us the first time we played them. Well, it was neck and neck all game, and tied 13-13 at the end of the game. We were up first in the Overtime inning, and score 11, YES 11, points! Can you believe it? We were up 24-13, when it was their turn to go up. We got them out without letting them score at all. Who do you think got the game ball for this game? The catcher, Alexa, who made outs, throw downs, and scored each time she was at bat! Go lady knights!

And, at the end of our regular season, we are tied for 3rd, with Salt River!
We start playoffs this Friday. It should be a fun weekend!


Anonymous said...

What a great post, just think 1 day Sophie will be playing like her big sis. This brought back a lot of summertime childhood memories!

H said...

Hey, I need info on what league to put Kyra in next year. It sounds like you found a good one. We didn't want super competitive or super expensive, but something more than what we got through the City (which totally frustrated Bill!). Anyway, give me the goods.