Sunday, September 21, 2014

Homecoming 2014

Wow, I have not posted in forever! Life is a blur of school, work, sports, work, travel, work, etc. etc. But it is already that time of year again...

Celeste was asked this year by a really good friend of hers, Gabe. Here is a flashback of the two of them in 8th grade:
That just cracks me up. Fast forward 3 years to 11th grade homecoming 2014:
He gave her a really pretty corsage, and was so patient with my staged corsage photos:

 Gabe's parents hosted dinner at their home before the dance, and their yard was beautiful for the group photos:
 {The gang}

The couples:
{Alexi, Emily, Jacob, Lauren, Celeste, Gabe, Suz, Christian}

The Girls:
 {Now, Celeste is a shorty, and notice how she is in flats and the others are in heals? These are some petite girls!}

Celeste with Emily, one of her best friends: 

And as always, I take advantage of the dress, hair, and make-up to take my own "school" photos:

 I think this one is the winner!